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Know that you are in good hands with a professional who has worked with worldwide industry leading brands. Michael has provided solutions such as blogging and article creation services for companies including Dotdash, Digital Trends, Amazon’s DPReview, WorkFusion, and Surplus Today. Need to focus on the intricate details? Michael has also provided proofreading, copyediting, and consultation services for companies including Idexcel and Casual Photophile.

Features editor

Established in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of consumer photography. Michael served as the site’s Features Editor, crafting rich editorial content and reviews for a multi-million reader audience. PetaPixel continues to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related to this day.


Founding his first publication, Michael opened the doors to FujiBuzz; a website devoted to Fujifilm’s X-Series mirrorless camera system, in addition to the company’s Instax instant film camera range. The site aimed at delivering news, reviews, and video content all relating to the company’s product lineup. Extending into social media, FujiBuzz also maintained Reddit’s subreddits, r/Fujifilm and r/Instax.

Managing Editor

Michael enjoyed working as the Past Managing Editor for WinBeta. His role included managing a team of passionate individuals to ensure the delivery of the latest up to date information regarding the Microsoft ecosystem. Michael was in charge of day to day operations under the Editor-In-Chief, in addition to writing features, reviews, and editorials to add rich and engaging content to the site. Michael previously served as the site’s Features Editor for a short time.

News Editor

Serving as Windows Phone Central’s Microsoft News Editor, Michael was responsible for covering and creating consenting surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox, Windows, and Surface platforms. WindowsPhone Central is part of the Mobile Nations network with over 30 million readers monthly and more than twelve-thousand comments a day. Windows Phone Central is now known simply as ‘Windows Central.'

Associate editor

Michael began his writing career at Pocketables, a US-based online technology magazine that brought news, insights, opinions, and comprehensive reviews on various mobile computing devices, portable technology, and related topics to a global audience. He served as an Associate Editor introducing Microsoft technologies to a formally Google focused audience, discovering how to accommodate news to specific audiences.

Writing Examples

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