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Michael Archambault
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Michael Archambault is a writer located in Long Island, New York. Michael has blogged for a number of publications and networks including Mobile Nations, Amazon’s DPReview, PetaPixel, and CrowdGather; he has also served numerous times as a guest technology correspondent live on the BBC.

Michael is currently working as a freelance writer providing blogging, copywriting, editing, and social media content for small and large corporations alike. In addition,

Michael is also writing his first fictional work, a novel set to debut later this coming year.

Previous Work

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Features editor

Established in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of consumer photography. Michael served as the site’s Features Editor, crafting rich editorial content and reviews for a multi-million reader audience. PetaPixel continues to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related to this day.

staff Writer

Michael worked with Amazon’s Digital Photography Review website and its sister site, Digital Photography Review Connect. DPReview is currently the world’s most popular dedicated enthusiast digital photography site. The DPReview network focused on providing the most authoritative reviews of, the fastest, fullest, news reports about, and the most comprehensive database of consumer digital cameras in the world.


Founding his first publication, Michael opened the doors to FujiBuzz; a website devoted to Fujifilm’s X-Series mirrorless camera system, in addition to the company’s Instax instant film camera range. The site aimed at delivering news, reviews, and video content all relating to the company’s product lineup. Extending into social media, FujiBuzz also maintained Reddit’s subreddits, r/Fujifilm and r/Instax.

Managing Editor

Michael enjoyed working as the Past Managing Editor for WinBeta. His role included managing a team of passionate individuals to ensure the delivery of the latest up to date information regarding the Microsoft ecosystem. Michael was in charge of day to day operations under the Editor-In-Chief, in addition to writing features, reviews, and editorials to add rich and engaging content to the site. Michael previously served as the site’s Features Editor for a short time.

News Editor

Serving as Windows Phone Central’s Microsoft News Editor, Michael was responsible for covering and creating consenting surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox, Windows, and Surface platforms. WindowsPhone Central is part of the Mobile Nations network with over 30 million readers monthly and more than twelve-thousand comments a day. Windows Phone Central is now known simply as ‘Windows Central.'

Associate editor

Michael began his writing career at Pocketables, a US-based online technology magazine that brought news, insights, opinions, and comprehensive reviews on various mobile computing devices, portable technology, and related topics to a global audience. He served as an Associate Editor introducing Microsoft technologies to a formally Google focused audience, discovering how to accommodate news to specific audiences.

Freelance and Contract Work

Michael Archambault offers a variety of freelance and contract writing services to publications and corporations in need of blogging, editing, copywriting, and digital media work. Michael has a particular focus, and years of experience, in vibrant editorial, feature, opinion, and review pieces for the technology industry across a variety of platforms. Learn more about the services you require below, and reach out to Michael for a quote on any work you may need to be performed.


Writing and editing

Writing services are available for those who need posts professionally researched, assembled, and delivered. While Michael specializes in content covering the technology industry, he can provide content for almost any scenario. Editing services are also available for companies who need their work reviewed or need an experienced editor to step in and manage a team of writers for a period of time.



With a background studying marketing and public relations, copywriting services are available for company's who need their marketing or advertising materials crafted from scratched or scrutinized for perfection. Copywriting focuses on both creating clean and concise copy and ensuring the content is on target for its intended audience.


digital media

Working in the technology industry and studying digital media, Michael can assist with an individual or corporation’s digital marketing needs. Whether you need help establishing an online presence, expanding your existing audience, or have general consulting questions, Michael is only a click away. Writing for a number of publications, Michael also has extensive knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help drive content consumption numbers.

The Aspiring Typist

The Aspiring Typist is a YouTube channel created by Michael Archambault to showcase his journey of getting a first novel published and delivered to the market. Tune in with other fans and subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date and join the conversation.

Along the way, enjoy discussions about the writing process and delve into a bit of typewriter fun as Michael showcases the reasons he enjoys writing on these last century mechanical beasts. His current weapon of choice is a Smith Corona Skyriter from 1957.

Novel Outlines and My Writing Process

Writing can be an intimidating process as a writer sets their eyes on the industry standard 80,000-word manuscript. In Michael’s first VLOG, he talks about the importance of outlines and his writing process. Learn how an outline can help you stay on track and form your ideas.

Why I Choose to Use a Typewriter For Writing

Michael began mingling with typewriters a few years back and has been unable to keep his hands off them ever since that time. In his second VLOG, Michael talks about why he uses a typewriter for his writing process. In addition, he gives a quick tour of his ‘then-current’ machine the Smith Corona Sterling.

Thoughts on Writing Roadblocks

Michael’s third VLOG is a self-reflection that focuses on writer’s block and the loss of energy that is commonly associated with writing a novel. Learn a few things that Michael has done to get back on track and share how you keep yourself moving forward.

Smith Corona Skyriter Typewriter Review

The first quick and dirty video review in Michael’s VLOG series takes a look at his current typing weapon of choice, the Smith Corona Skyriter from 1957. Learn why Michael finds it to be so beneficial to his work and the reasons you might want to pick one up for yourself. Or, ask questions about what machine could be right for you.


Reach Michael Archambault at: write@michaelarchambault.com

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