Can Alexa Play iTunes?

If you've picked up an Amazon Echo device with Alexa, you might be wondering how to stream your music from iTunes since, thanks to the iPod years, many of us have amassed quite a collection. Good news: You don't need to leave that collection behind. Whether you want to play iTunes music that you've purchased or stream your Apple Music subscription, we've got you covered.

How to Watch Movies on Xbox One

The Xbox One is more than merely a gaming machine; it is a multimedia powerhouse. With Xbox Oneyou can watch and enjoy your favorite movies via a variety of media including Blu-rays and DVDs. Alternatively, you can step into the world of streaming, watching your favorite movies from sources such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, and more.

The 7 Best Cooking Games to Play Offline

If the idea of fulfilling fast-paced food orders, commanding your own restaurant, and designing scrumptious goodies sounds like a good time, then check out our roundup of the best cooking themed games for your devices. Whether you prefer to game on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, we've got a fantastic food game for you to enjoy.

What Is USDZ?

USDZ is Apple's latest file format for augmented-reality on its iOS platforms including iPhone and iPad. If you've browsed Apple's News app or found yourself launching an AR experience from within the Safari web browser, there is a good chance that you've already interacted with a USDZ file.

How to Remote Play PS4 Games on Android

Video games on PlayStation can be addicting, and if you want to take them on the go, you now have the ability to with the official Sony PS4 Remote Play app for Sony Xperia Android devices. All you need to get started is a PlayStation 4, a Sony Xperia Android smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or greater, and access to the same network as your game console.

How to Print an Excel Spreadsheet

We might live in a digital world, but there are times when you just need to print an Excel spreadsheet. Whether you need to share data with someone who won't have a computer accessible or you need a collection of handouts for the office, follow this easy tutorial to learn how to print an excel spreadsheet or workbook.

How to Delete a User on PS4

User profiles that are no longer needed are easy to remove. Here's how to delete user profiles from your PlayStation 4; it only takes a few steps and helps to clear up more space on your machine for games and other multimedia content you might enjoy.