How to Install WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch

If you're using an Apple Watch, you might be enjoying the ability to send and read both iMessages and text messages from your wrist, but what about WhatsApp? The highly popular WhatsApp messaging platform has yet to receive an update for compatibility with the Apple Watch; however, thanks to a few third-party apps, you can get WhatsApp on your wrist with the rest of your favorite apps.

How to Lock a MacBook

Our digital devices hold vast information about our lives, and if you already haven't, you should considering locking your MacBook with macOS to keep its contents safe. When you had initially set up your computer, you had selected a password for your machine — learn how to employ your MacBook password to lock the machine's contents away from those who shouldn't have access.

What to Do When Your Mac Camera is Not Working

Many of Apple’s desktops and laptops include a built-in webcam, which the company cheerfully calls a FaceTime camera. However, if your mac webcam is not working, and displays as disconnected or unavailable when attempting to access it, you might not feel so cheery. Here's what you can do to try and get it back up and running.